Why Backflush?

Backflushing sends water and detergent backwards through your grouphead, cleaning out coffee oil buildup. It's easy to do once you get the hang of it. To keep your espresso tasting as clean and delicious as possible, we recommend backflushing your machine after every 20-40 shots or so. For most people this is once a month.

The Video

The Steps

Place blind filter basket in your portafilter holder. This is either a solid metal basket or a rubber piece that seals off the holes.
Place detergent in blind filter (we use 1/4 teaspoon powder or one tablet of Cafiza) and place the portafilter securely into the group.
Move brew lever up or push brew button for about 10 seconds.
Wait 10 seconds, then repeat step 3. Repeat cycle (10 seconds on, 10 seconds off) 5 times.
Remove the portafilter, rinse off any remaining detergent, then repeat steps 3-4 without detergent.
Replace the blind basket with the regular basket, then make a shot of espresso and discard to season the grouphead.
Remove the portafilter, move the brew lever up or push brew button and scrub the grouphead screen with a wet towel or grouphead brush.

NOTE: Be sure your machine has a 3-way solenoid valve before attempting to backflush. All of the machines we sell at Clive Coffee can be backflushed, but if you own a different machine you should check your user's manual before attempting to backflush.