Clive Portafilter

Clive Portafilters

Having the right espresso portafilter is important in ensuring comfort and achieving a consistent espresso pour. We decided to approach with the same craftsman that lathe turns our tampers to create a portafilter that is both exceptionally beautiful and practical. Like the Clive Tamper, we spent countless hours brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and reworking until we found an ergonomic and attractive design that met our rigorous standards.

The stainless steel portafilters are offered in two sizes:
  • 53mm (La Spaziale)
  • 58mm (Quick Mill, Izzo, Rancilio, La Marzocco, Breville, Rocket)

  • Each base size is interchangeable with two handle styles. Style 9 (tapered) and Style 7 (round).