Duetto Panels

Custom Wood Panels

Make the Duetto 3 your own with our custom wood panels. We worked with a Portland craftsman to produce custom, hand-made wood side panels for the Duetto. The contour and lines of the panels precisely follow the stock side panels. We've chosen a beautiful domestic wood, Oregon black walnut, and two exotic woods, Bubinga and Wenge as standard options for the wood panels, but we can work with you to use material of your choice. Custom engraving is also available.

Custom Engraving: We can custom engrave your wood panels with pretty much any logo, initials, or image. The process uses lasers to burn the digital image directly on the wood, leaving a slightly textured black engraving. We've produced custom engraving for Rapha and Path.com, among others. The fee is $150 for most images that are under 5" tall by 10" wide. For details or to discuss your engraving ideas, call us at 800.520.2890. We will need an EPS or vector image file to do the engraving.

The wood panels are made from 2" to 3" thick panels of wood that are carefully selected for the most attractive grain. The wood is finished with multiple coats of Tung oil, and you may specify a gloss or matte finish. To protect the wood panels, the inside is lined with fiberglass insulation.