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Mountain and shade grown

EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee is grown and processed in the North Central mountainous region of Haiti. At altitudes approximating 600 to 1,000 meters and grown in nutrient-rich soil under a natural shade canopy, EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee ripens slowly, producing a unique blue-green colored bean.

Economic and Social Benefit

EcoCafé’s payments to farmers, employee wages, and employee-owner dividends represent the company’s contribution to the economic development of the community. Approximately 300 farmers benefit from the fair prices paid for their coffee. Over 50 families benefit from the fair wages paid to employees. EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee revenues will enable an economically self-sufficient business by the end of 2010, a business that will no longer depend upon outside donations for its existence.

In a country where a “little goes a long way,” EcoCafé Haiti contributes 30% of all labor resources for the planting, cultivation and harvesting of food crops for the “poorest of the poor” in rural Haiti, those who are unable to sustain themselves without support from within (i.e., the aged, widowed, or infirmed). To date, approximately 1,000 Haitians have been made “food secure.”

Environmental Benefit

EcoCafé Haiti’s donation of profits supports a workforce of local Haitians who are paid to restore the environment back to good health. Workers terrace hillsides, compost unwanted vegetation, and plant trees and shrubs on deforested land. This restoration effort mitigates topsoil erosion, watershed depletion and flash flooding.

In addition to helping the environment of the community, EcoCafé Haiti follows strict sustainable coffee processing practices, using ecologically-friendly processing equipment, composting all the coffee pulp and hulls, and properly storing and treating waste water so that the watershed is unaffected by the company’s operations.

Hand picked, wet processed, sun dried

EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee is hand picked only when the beans reach optimal ripeness. Coffee cherries are picked and processed on the same day to ensure freshness. Modern wet processing equipment is used to de-pulp the beans, which are then carefully fermented for flavor development. The beans are sun-dried on specially made drying racks, turned hourly to ensure even drying with moisture content monitored daily. As a result, EcoCafé Haiti produces sweetly low-toned, smooth, and rich coffee.

Cupping/Testing Results

EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee has been formally cupped by Coffee Review, a prestigious coffee review website ( EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee scored between 88 and 90 points (out of 100 pts.) on two separate reviews, a “very good to outstanding” ranking on Coffee Review’s scale. “Sweetly rounded aroma with hints of flowers, chocolate, nut…a Haitian coffee with an admirable cause and a characteristically Haitian chocolate-toned, low-acid cup,” is Coffee Review’s description.

Support and Donation

In support of socially responsible programs, Clive Coffee donates a minimum of $15 for each purchase of EcoCafé Haiti’s coffee to this non-profit organization. Should you wish to donate directly to this mission organization, please see their website,