Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance Overview

Procedure Daily/Per Use Weekly Yearly
Dispense Coffee Puck, Clean & Dry Portafilter
Wipe & Purge Steam Wand
Purge Group Head
Clean Dispersion Screen & Gasket
Clean Grinder
Replace Gasket

Machine Maintenance Schedule

  • Daily / Per Use
  • Wipe & purge steam wand.
  • Dispense coffee puck, clean & dry portafilter.
  • Purge group head.
  • Weekly
  • Backflush weekly or after 20-30 shots. Learn How.
  • Clean dispersion screen & gasket.

Common Maintenance Procedures

  • Learn More
  • Parts Replacement
  • Does your gasket or dispersion screen need to be replaced? Learn more.