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The GS/3 machine might just be the new water cooler… Announcing Clive Office.

Since 2008, our mantra has simply been to deliver the best products and know-how in creating great coffee at home. Once you've had great espresso at home, it's hard to tolerate bad coffee at your workplace. Let us solve that problem for you.

What is Clive Office? A detail oriented service dedicated to building cafe-quality espresso and coffee into work places. Whether you consider your business a creative space, light-manufacturing facility, or modern-day gastro pub, Clive Office has the means to modernize your espresso program.

Allow Clive Office to consult with you on enhancing your coffee program.

We offer:
  • Help in putting together an espresso setup tailored specifically to your work environment
  • Professional installation of machines
  • Personalized training to employees
  • Continued access to Clive’s renowned customer care
  • Something special? From corporate gifts to custom printed coffee bags, we can help.

Need coffee delivery service for your office?

For those in the Portland area, we have partnered with H&H Coffee Supply to offer an incredibly simple and affordable coffee service option. With no contract, you simply pay a small monthly fee, starting at $5 per employee. Get started with H&H and Clive.

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