technivorm moccamaster


The Technivorm Moccamaster is only one of two coffeemakers that are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

The Moccamaster earned this certification through its superior ability to brew at a consistent temperature between 195 and 205 degrees F for the full brew cycle of 6 minutes. The copper heating element powered by 1475 watts gets the water hot much faster than the typical aluminum element with 800 watts.


The minimalist look of the Technivorm makes a nice addition to any kitchen. Go for cool retro with the KBT-741, or sleek and modern with the CDT.


The KBT-741 was featured in video review by the illustrious Cook's Illustrated. The other coffee makers in the review failed to impress the Cook's Illustrated staff, but the Technivorm was praised for its ability to make flavorful, hot coffee like you find in coffee shops. In fact, at the end of the video, they basically say that if you don't want to invest the money on the Technivorm, stick with a french press. We couldn't agree more.