Unclog Baratza Grinder

We’ve found that many of our service issues with grinders are caused by coffee clogging up the works. Here are some helpful tips from our friends at Baratza to unclog your grinder. Please note that darker roasts and flavored coffees are particularly sticky and may clog your grinder more frequently.

Unclogging a Baratza grinder:

  1. Unplug the grinder.
  2. Remove the cone shaped bean hopper by rotating it fully counter clockwise and pulling it upwards.
  3. Remove the black silicone seal from the top burr.
  4. Remove the top burr by gripping the two tabs (one should be colored red or black) and pulling upwards. If the burr is stuck or hard to remove, make sure the red tab is lined up with the red line on the white plastic (or, if the plastic is black there will be a rectangular cutout instead of the red line.
  5. The grinding chamber sits below the cone shaped burr with a star top. Clear the ground coffee out of the chamber, using a toothpick or other poking instrument if the coffee is packed in. Once the coffee is cleared, you should see 8 white spokes radiating out from underneath the burr that should rotate with the burr when you turn it (you can turn the burr by hand.)
  6. The opening to the grounds chute is between 5 and 6 o’clock (if you are facing the front of the grinder) on the side of the chamber, on the same level as the white spokes. (The spokes are part of a paddle wheel that pushes the coffee out of the chamber as the burr spins.) Use a bent paper clip, a pipe cleaner, or the back end of the cleaning brush to poke and blockage through. Make sure all the coffee blocking the chute is clear.
  7. Make sure the white ring with the red line (or black ring with the rectangular cutout) is rotated as far counter clockwise as it can go, using the rectangular tabs. The red line (or rectangular cutout) should be at roughly 5 o’clock.
  8. Replace the ring shaped top burr, making sure the red tab is lined up with the red line (or rectangular cutout.)
  9. Replace the silicone gasket.
  10. Replace the hopper.
  11. Plug the grinder is and run it without beans at a coarse setting for a few seconds. Then test with a few beans.