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Introducing :: Clive Brewing Methods Class

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October 7, 2013 7:31 pm


For the past 2 years here at Clive I’ve been helping to develop and teach a well regarded little 2 hour class on barista basics.  We call it our Barista 101.  This class has proven to be a wonderful ‘head’s up’ experience for those with zero espresso background, but also is a good resource for those who’ve been doing home espresso for years, but had never gotten a personal lesson.  And we love teaching these classes!  It’s so very rewarding to see folks’ eyes light up with the simple techniques and ideas we’re able to demonstrate, and then know that they can go home and immediately enjoy better espresso!

And yet, what about the rest of the ways people make coffee?  It seems like there are more brewing options available to the home market than ever before.  Some are old school, some are new…lots of how-to questions on each…so…

Brew Methods Infographic

After much thought and preparation, we would like to announce a new educational endeavor here at Clive, our first ever Brewing Methods class!  This class focuses exclusively on everything besides espresso, such as French Press, Aeropress, Chemex… Our goal is to de-mystify these brewing methods: to explain the how’s and why’s, during which we’ll discuss the importance of the grind and the different type’s of filters that are available. This class is participation heavy, so we are asking all the participants to be ready to talk, think, have fun, and drink a ton of coffee.

All participants in the class will receive a letterpress 12×17″ poster of our Brew Factors Infographic.

Also see the 2014 Chinook Book for a 50% off coupon for this class!


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  • Written by: Ashley

    I wish this was available in other cities or online! You are one of my favorite coffee resources. 

  • Written by: Mark

    Thanks Ashley! That’s a great idea, and we’ve been exploring either an online interactive class (such as a Google hangout) or videotaped classes that people could watch anytime. Do you have any thoughts on what would be most helpful? You can email them to and we’ll put them into consideration.

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