Profitec 700

The Profitec Pro 700

Published by Mark
December 18, 2014 5:07 pm

As the newest member in our family of E61 espresso machines, we welcomed the Profitec Pro 700 into the Clive Coffee showroom with open arms. The shiny mirror exterior, perforated grid drip tray, symmetrical gauges and twist control knobs all come together perfectly on this stunning piece of equipment.

The Pro 700 has everything you could ask for in an espresso machine. Dual boilers with PID temperature control, rotary pump, a digital shot timer, and no-burn steam wand and hot water arms. Those using tall cups will appreciate the long drop distance between the portafilter spouts and the drip tray. The portafilter handle is fairly heavy. It feels nice and evenly weighted as you remove it from the group head for use.

The group head on the Profitec Pro 700 may look like your stock-standard E61 brew group but it has a secret. The internal ‘mushroom sleeve’ is solid stainless steel rather than chrome-plated brass. This tiny modification is an example of the attention to detail that Profitec should be congratulated on. In the long term this stainless steel part will require less maintenance than one made from the more traditional materials.

The same type of ingenuity has been applied under the ‘hood’ of this machine. The internal components are placed logically for optimal function and easy access. This is German precision engineering at its finest. Any service technician will surely breathe a sigh of relief when they open up this machine to work on.

When the machine is not plumbed in the cup warmer tray must be removed entirely to access the water reservoir. This is easy to do, as the rails serve as handles. The machine automatically shuts down if you let the water level run low.

One point to note on using the steam wand and the hot water arm. From tightly turned off the knobs need to be turned almost one full rotation before the spring loaded valves activate. While some baristas may find this cumbersome, the truth is that these knobs needn’t be tightened fully when not in use. You can keep it at the ‘just off’ position and this will give you more control as you’ll only need to turn the knob a little way to open the valves. This is particularly handy with the hot water as you can control the speed of water flow.

We pulled shot after shot on the Profitec Pro 700. The consistency in cup was notable. The 4-holed steam wand achieved silky smooth textured milk with ease. The macchiatos were amazing, it was hard to stop drinking them!

It is clear that Profitec knew exactly what they were doing when they built this machine. We can’t wait to see what other developments and features they bring to the table in the future.



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  • Written by: Basil

    I spoke with Paul today. I indicated my love of the Profitec Pro 700 after doing considerable research. I like it because of the dual boiler and the German engineering which seems to be flawless inside. It seems practically perfect.

    When asking him about a machine that’s comparable, he mentioned the Quick Mill M58. I admit to having a slight second doubt about my choice after we discussed it. I am impressed with he joystick action of the valves. Honest feedback appreciated thanks!!!!

  • Written by: robin

    I have one of these and agree with all positive remarks made.
    One problem though – I find that when you finish the shot some of the water exhausted from the bottom of the brew group makes its way to the black metal behind the drip tray onto the rocker switches which are there – water and electricity do not mix. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the note. I haven’t heard of anyone having an issue with their switches, has this been a problem for you? The good people at Profitec have been very responsive and helpful as people discover aspects of the machine that need to be improved, so keep us (and them) posted.

    Best regards,

  • Written by: scott fickes

    Robin…Is it possible you have the grate turned around so the drip hole is at the front instad of the rear?

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