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Technivorm Brewing Guide

Published by Mark
December 9, 2014 4:53 pm

The Steps

  1. Preheat the system by running a full brew cycle with only water.
  2. Measure out your coffee :: 75 grams or 6 Technivorm scoops for a full carafe.
  3. Grind coffee to Fine-Medium. Coffee grounds should be similar to cornmeal.
  4. On KBT-741 models, set filter to no drip for the first minute of brewing.
  5. Set to partial drip after one minute and full drip after an additional thirty seconds.
  6. Loosen lid slightly when serving, but do not remove.


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  • Written by: Bubba

    What kinda a coffee filter y’all use for this doodad machine?

  • Written by: Jerry Clark

    Got a Technivorn CDGT unit from Clive for Christmas. It makes great coffee, but I was wondering if the footplate is supposed to snap in place. Mine does not, so whenever I move the coffee maker the footplate comes loose. If I don’t notice it, the carafe does not sit high enough to open the filter, so it fills up and overflows when I make the coffee.

    Just wonder if this is a design problem or I have a defective pot?

  • Written by: Mark

    Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for the note! If you tilt the coffee maker back, you should be able to press the plastic plate into the coffee maker base, and it will “droop” a bit but will be somewhat locked into place. Admittedly not a very robust design, but that’s the way Technivorm designed it, so there is not a problem with your particular unit. Hope that helps!

  • Written by: Jerry Clark

    Thanks, Mark.

    Yes, it does that droop thing. If I set it down, and then tilt it back up, the plate comes off. I just have to double check that it is in place when I brew.

  • Written by: Yongjoo

    Hi Mark,

    Thinking of getting the CDGT model. Any pre-infusion tips similar to the KBT-741 model? I realize the CDGT models don’t have the no drip/half drip/full drip switch.


  • Written by: Mark

    Definitely possible! Simply pull the carafe out when you want to stop the flow, and the valve will automatically shut. You won’t get the half drip option like on the manual models, but it will get the same basic effect. Hope that helps!

  • Written by: Yongjoo


  • Written by: Myriam

    We are having trouble finding the right coffee grind for our recently purchased Technivorm. We have a Baratza Preciso grinder. What setting would you recommend on the Preciso? We are hoping to avoid the bitter taste, but get full aroma. Thanks in advance!!

  • Written by: Hayley McNabb

    Hi Myriam, unfortunately there is no setting we could recommend as it differs from grinder to grinder depending on age and burr wear. The beans and filter type you use will affect the required grind too. There are so many variables! It’s all about trial and error. If the coffee is too bitter then coarsen up the grind a little each time you brew until you find the flavor that you love the most. On the Preciso grinder I’d go one macro-click coarser at a time.

  • Written by: Nan

    Thank you for your reminders about the no drip, partial drip, full drip sequence. That makes a big difference. I’m still uncertain about coffee amounts. You call for 6 scoops for a full carafe. A full carafe uses 1 1/4 liters of water and 75 grams of coffee, as you specify. But 75 grams requires 7 1/2 Technivorm scoops of coffee, or 200 ml. Did you cut back to 6 scoops because you found the full 200 ml just too strong?

  • Written by: Hayley McNabb

    Hi Nan, thank you for your feedback! It may be that our grind was finer and we heaped up the scoop when we weighed out 6 scoops to be 75g. If you are finding 6 scoops too weak then perhaps add half a scoop each time you brew until you find the flavor you like the most. We prefer to use scales to weigh out our coffee as it eliminates variability in ‘scoop technique’.

  • Written by: Shari

    I’m having the same issue with the base plate of my new CDT but I guess that’s the design (flaw)
    I’m having another issue where the black plastic holder for the filter is very loose and wobbles. I tried tightening both bolts but they just spin. Is this holder suppose to be loose?

  • Written by: Victoria Gormley

    Hi Shari,

    Sorry to hear about your trouble! I believe it is just lose by design, unfortunately.. If you are interested in upgrading, please let us know! We will be happy to find a brewer that best fits your coffee routine.

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