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Published by Mark
December 3, 2015 5:13 pm

There’s something captivating about formed and polished metal matched up against the soft irregularity of wood. The contrast elevates an espresso machine beyond the pure utility of forcing hot water through finely ground coffee.

We have offered our own take on wood products for several years, starting with the Clive Stand for pour over enthusiasts. The Stand was followed by our Clive Tamper and Portafilter. My uncle owns a precision machine shop in southern California. They produce our machined stainless steel bases, while our Portland craftsman turns each handle by hand in walnut, maple, bubinga, and wenge.

Clive was the first espresso machine retailer to offer custom hardwood panels on multiple machines for the home market. Our espresso machine side panels are offered in a distinctive palate of beautiful hardwoods. From the LUCCA A53 and M58 up to the La Marzocco GS/3, our panels are an easy way to make your machine a standout in your kitchen or office.

We’ve had a long relationship with our craftsman, Dan Garfield. We visited his shop to gather the background story for what goes into Clive wood products.

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  • Written by: Jeff Dorr

    I’d love it if you offered a turned wooden portafilter handle more in the shape of the Quick Mill handles. I would definitely buy one of those. Although they are nicely made, I just don’t care for the Mid Century Modern feel of the wooden handles you currently carry. Let me know if you ever expand the offerings. Thanks.

  • Written by: Mark

    Hi Jeff,
    Indeed, we are looking at this! We’ll send you a note directly.

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