New Coffee Makers :: Introducing OXO, Behmor, & Breville Brewers

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February 2, 2016 10:00 am

Here at Clive we have always loved Technivorm and Bonavita brewers. These are easy to use, reliable, well-built, and offer consistent brewing excellence.

We’re tested many coffee maker models over the years but have declined to offer them. They usually fail for some combination of brewing parameters (brewing too hot or cold, or for too long) and build quality (LOTS of flimsy plastic parts that waft as you brew).

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re offering three new brands of coffee machines to our lineup: OXO Barista Brain 12 Cup and 9 Cup, Behmor Connected, and Breville Grind Control BDC650BSS

You could say that these machines reflect a growing category of coffee makers – something like “Medium Price – Full Features – Basic Materials – Proper Brewing”.

Technivorm and Bonavita would remain the best choices for “Low to Medium Price – Simple Features – Basic Materials – Proper Brewing.”

Ratio would be the choice for “High Price – Smart yet Simple Features – Premium Materials – Proper Brewing.”

We were eager to learn the differences and similarities between each, test their unique features using the recommended brew parameters, and give our take on the overall experience.

Oxo 9 Cup, 12 Cup, and Barista Brain Grinder
Both of the Oxo Coffee Brewers are impressive, with an exceptionally intuitive microprocessor that monitors time, temperature, and volume from start to finish.

The 12 Cup Brewer heats the water in the removable water kettle where the water is then transported to the brew basket in measured cycles, including a pre-soak cycle so grounds can bloom. The Coffee Brewing System has an intuitive LED, one-dial interface for coffee/tea cup selection and a 24-hour programmable brew-start. In addition, when coffee is finished dripping into the double-walled, stainless steel carafe, a freshness indicator on the LED screen counts up to 60 minutes. The 12 Cup is great for those who often have guests over, or even desire a fun addition to the office.

For the average home user, the 9 Cup Barista Brain is going to be your new best friend. With the Rainmaker shower head technology, water is distributed evenly just the same as its older brother. Unlike many coffee makers, this one can easily brew single cups of coffee at a time.

Takeaway: Oxo does not disappoint with these new models. We’re doing more testing and will have more posts soon.

Behmor Connected
This eight cup brewer has an easy to fill water reservoir and comes with a durable gold mesh flat bottom filter designed to create the ideal environment for water to evenly saturate the grounds. The Behmor can also be activated by connecting through the Behmor app on a smartphone and has the ability program bloom time with five second increments, number of cups of coffee, coffee roast type and freshness of the beans. The brew temperature is also programmable, and once dialed in the water is heated to the temperature desired and then brews within four and half minutes according the the SCAA recommendation for coffee and water contact.

Takeaway: The cup quality in the Behmor Connected was astounding. We will have more about this soon.


Adding to our Breville Line-Up, the Breville Grind Control
This 12 cup brewer is all encompassing with a built in grinder that is adjustable to your tastes and preferences through the grind size and dose, but you can also opt for using the pre-ground setting. The fill tank sensor directs you on the amount of water to fill based on the number of cups you would like. The compact brew basket and filter are enclosed which keeps the heat locked in. You can program the Breville grind control to auto start in the morning, and it even has a little removable drip cup to catch any small coffee grinds you’d normally find on your counter.

Takeaway: This is the only coffee maker on the market with a built-in grinder that we would sell. As usual, Breville did a fantastic job engineering this brewer.

Which machine is right for your home?
Give us a call, send us an email, or book a one on one appointment to demo any of our new Coffee Brewers, or any of our Espresso Machines.

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This post was written in collaboration by Mark, Victoria, and Karen. 

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