Bloom-Ready: Meet the Chemex Ottomatic

Published by Victoria Gormley
May 20, 2016 4:02 pm

When customers come through our showroom they will often point to the Chemex shelf and share their earliest memories with us; how their parents always used one or how their grandmother never went a morning without a cup. Chemex has been around since 1941 and has been an iconic countertop accessory ever since. But more recently, the new Chemex Ottomatic has sparked a lot of interest and many customers have asked what we think about it, so now that we have our hands on one I wanted give it a test and share my experience!


First, the machine is sleek, simple and easy to use. The open design makes for a simplistic looking brewer that sits nicely on a countertop and is also very easy to clean! The first time I ran the brewer I followed the directions and filled the water tank to the 8 cup fill line, and turned it on, but just before the brewer finished the cycle (and was moments from overflowing) I realized that these units come with a 6 cup carafe, but the highest fill line is for 8 cups. This error caused me to prematurely shut off the cycle, which had left me with an overflowed carafe and water leftover in the reservoir. Part of me felt silly for not realizing this, but I figured the unit would come with an 8 cup carafe so you could still brew a whole pot but if you wanted to brew less than that the carafe would still work! So this means you would have to purchase an 8 cup Chemex if you wanted to utilize the full volume from the brewer.  This was definitely partly user error, but I thought it was something worth mentioning.


Once I used the correct amount of water the brew cycle was much smoother. The total time of the brew was just under 6 minutes and maintained the optimal 197-205 degree brew temperature throughout the cycle, but almost seemed on the hotter side compared to some other brewers we use, most likely due to the hot plate. The cup tasted very familiar and smooth, probably due to the thick Chemex filter. We tested both a 4 cup cycle, and the 6 cup cycle and the cups were tasted similar, which is great because often times brewers don’t hold up well brewing smaller batches.

The hot plate is not a feature I typically prefer, but when brewing into a glass carafe many customers like hot plates because they will keep the coffee hot long enough to make it through the carafe. This is more of a preference-based opinion than a performance issue. The hot plate doesn’t have an auto-shut off like some other brewers which for someone like me, isn’t good. I am forgetful and also used to automated shut-off features so coming back hours after brewing and still finding it on was not a pleasant surprise, and I didn’t prefer the taste that long after being on the hot plate.


Overall the unit has a sleek design and creates a very smooth and consistent flavor with each brew. Come by our showroom and give it a try!


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  • Written by: Rob

    Good to know fewer brewed cups are just as good as a full carafe.

  • Written by: Bradley Bennett

    I have wondered about the criticisms toward brewing through a paper filter. I have an espresso machine, but often miss brewed coffee. Yet, I understand that a paper filter robs the pot of essential oils, etc. What are your thoughts?

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