Giving Back

It’s so easy to become accustomed to all that we take for granted in the western world. Take coffee for example. It’s an every day luxury that most of us can afford. Some of us would consider it an essential component of starting the day off right.

Everyone knows that good coffee starts with fresh coffee beans. And clean water. Here at Clive we try to remember that many of the coffee producing regions that produce such delicious coffee beans suffer from very real issues, like a lack of clean water, basic infrastructure, health care, and education. It can be a little overwhelming looking at all of the problems facing our world. We’ve decided to focus our efforts and resources on projects in coffee producing regions that address these very fundamental issues. Clean water projects are a big one, and we’ll be working on ways to address this problem in practical ways. It often costs less than $1,000 to drill a deep well in a village. So many health issues stem from shallow wells that are filled with animal feces. A thousand bucks can be spent pretty easily here in the states, but over there it can mean the difference between a brutish, short existence and a life spent on family, faith, education, making a living…

One of our favorite ways to raise money for these important projects is to find a very special, limited coffee from one of these regions, pick a roast date a few weeks away, and let everyone know about it. We then pick an organization that is doing vital work in the same coffee producing region. We then donate 100% of the proceeds from the roast to that organization. This means every bag of coffee sold for these special projects could mean $5-8 in donations. Multiply that times a few hundred pounds of coffee for each special roast date, then by a couple of projects a year, and eventually you’re talking about some real money.

Check out some of the projects we have in the works. If one of them speaks to you and you’d like to know more, please let us know and we’ll get you all the information you need.

Thanks for your interest in helping those that need it the most.