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Clive Coffee

About Us

Our passion is helping you enjoy great coffee at home by providing a well-edited collection of high quality coffee makers and espresso machines to people who love amazing coffee. Making great coffee at home depends on great tools and great beans. We're on a mission to provide you with the very best of both.

  • Ben


    Ben is something of a coffee fanatic. His dad even named Ben's signature drink (16g of beans, extracted 25g-30g of liquid in 28-30 seconds, drop half a teaspoon of raw sugar right into the steaming pitcher along with 2-3oz of milk and steamed to a drinkable and fluffy texture) "The-Ben-Piff-Bullseye". Ben's experience in roasting coffee at home, as well as buying, rebuilding, and selling espresso machines makes him the perfect fit in outfitting your home with everything you'll need for great espresso. In his spare time, Ben spends time with his wife and two kids, takes pictures of vintage cars, and rides bmx at Portland's skateparks.

    Favorite drink: 1.5oz of espresso with 9 bars of pressure at 200 degrees
  • Karen


    Native to Portland, Karen is a coffee enthusiast and enjoys the beauty and complexity of extracting fine espresso, and equipping you with the knowledge and skill to perfect it at home. With a background as a barista, Karen can be found in the Clive showroom, eager to dig into all things espresso and set you up with the best equipment suited to your needs. On her free time, Karen can be found out on a lake or river paddle boarding, cooking, or exploring a new trail.

    Favorite drink: Shot of espresso and a short americano
  • Paul


    Paul has been part of the Clive Coffee team for over four years, helping people find the right setup for their budget and lifestyle. Paul also double checks machines and equipment heading out the door to ensure that your new products arrive on time and in pristine condition. When Paul is not at Clive, he's often enjoying desert races on his motorcycle.

    Favorite drink: Macchiato
  • Victoria


    Victoria is a recent transplant from Sacramento where she worked as a barista. As an avid photographer and lover of all things beautiful, Victoria works in the Clive showroom, perfecting the experience of buying and understanding coffee equipment. When you call Clive Coffee, you'll frequently be greeted by Victoria, and she'll make sure you are pointed in the right direction with all of your home barista needs.

    Favorite drink: A shot of espresso
  • Gil


    Gil is a resident tech at Clive Coffee. That means that Gil bench tests each machine to make sure it's ready to pull the best shot possible in your home. Everything from final programming, to checking the lines and gauges, to adding custom wood panels, Gil is experienced in servicing and preparing all of our espresso machines. Gil's favorite way to make coffee is through a Chemex, as long as there's a good book to read at his side.

    Favorite drink: A single shot of espresso
  • Brad


    Brad is the lifeblood of Clive, managing operations and logistics to bring the great products from around the world under a single roof. Brad's background with Danner Boots has helped him master the art of developing efficient operational systems, while bettering the Clive brand of delivering premium products to your home. Much of Brad's time is spent traveling to visit our vendors, and identifying new and innovative ways to collaborate to make your shopping experience with Clive flawless.

    Favorite drink: Pour over
  • Mark


    Mark founded Clive Coffee in 2008 with the goal of bringing a well-curated assortment of coffee and espresso equipment to people who love amazing coffee at home. His profound desire to find the best coffee products in the world has been a catalyst in developing a handful of some of the most beautiful and innovative products in coffee - such as the LUCCA line of espresso machines, the Clive Stand, and the new-to-market Ratio Eight.

    Favorite drink: Before noon, pourover; after noon, espresso.