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Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder



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      Baratza has done it again! They've taken the already excellent Vario and added an integrated electronic scale for extra convenience and precision.

      The Vario-W is a fully integrated weight-based grinder. Baratza's groundbreaking Vario-W uses real-time weight-based grinding with a built-in electronic scale. Set the weight you want, the Vario-W does the rest, weighing the ground coffee to within +/- 0.2 g, while grinding, and stopping automatically.

      It has all the features of the Vario including small footprint, macro/micro adjustment, 54mm ceramic burrs, broad range of grind, but uses a weight-based dosing approach rather than a time based approach. Able to grind 1.5 g /sec at espresso and 2.5 g /sec at Press, the Vario-W is a high performance grinder.

      The Vario-W uses an easy and intuitive operation panel that includes three programmable dosage buttons, and a digital LCD window which displays the weight value.



      • Easy to adjust the grind setting, taking just seconds to adjust. You can dial in for espresso on the "micro" side, then quickly flip between espresso, auto drip, and pourover on the "macro"" side without losing your espresso setting.

      • Compact compared to the Italian grinders, with a height of 14.5" instead of 16" or higher.

      • Grind for espresso or brew methods like auto drip and pour over (we find it hard to grind coarse enough for French press unless you calibrate it to be coarser).


      • Louder than the Italian grinders.

      • While we like how easy it is to adjust, sometimes it can lose adjustment, which is solved on the Forte grinder with the more rigid adjustment levers.

      • Not intended to grind large amounts of coffee.

      • The build quality is not quite as robust as the Italian grinders.