Brazil Minas Gerais


This Brazilian Minas Gerais is warm, nutty, and sweet.

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    This Brazilian Minas Gerais is warm, nutty, and sweet. The complex aroma of toasted nuts and jasmine blends well with the lingering honey finish. It's a crowd-pleaser too. After a dinner party we brew it for 3.5 minutes in a French press to satisfy a variety of palates. It's always flavorful and never bitter or burnt.

    Minas Gerais

    Fazenda Canta Galo is located in green, hilly country near the town of Areado in South Minas Gerais, at around 800 to 1120 metres above sea level. The coffee farm was founded in 1968, when José Carlos Vieira da Silveira created plantations of Arabica varietals Mundo Novo and Catuaí.

    As well as having a great passion for coffee farming, José Carlos was a far-sighted businessman, always striving to learn cutting-edge coffee management techniques, and so provided his farm with a good basic infrastructure and excellent management practice. After José Carlos died in 1991, his family continued to grow the coffee he loved.


    • Net weight: 12 ounces
    • Whole bean only.
    • For best results, grind immediately before brewing and use within 7-10 days of opening