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Clive Tamper Style 5 :: Zebrawood


Our own custom tamper, made in Portland. Zebrawood handle and stainless steel base.

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    Espresso tampers are an important tool for the barista, used to evenly press down finely ground coffee before pressurized water is applied. The Clive team worked together to bring our own vision for a tamper to the market. We found a Portland craftsman to lathe turn solid planks of Oregon zebrawood into custom tamper handles. We brainstormed, prototyped, tested, reworked, and eventually formed an ergonomic and attractive design.

    The high quality bases are CNC lathe turned out of stainless steel. We guarantee size accuracy to within a 10th of a millimeter. (A note for the coffee geek: the 58mm tamper bases is sized at 58.3mm to fit snugly with the VST baskets, typically used by our clients in the La Marzocco GS/3).

    The stainless steel base is offered in three sizes:
    • 53mm (La Spaziale)
    • 58mm (Quick Mill, Izzo, Rancilio, La Marzocco, Breville, Rocket)
    • 58.3mm (fits 58mm portafilters with precision filters from VST, La Marzocco and other companies)

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