Gold Tone Permanent Coffee Filter

This #4 gold tone filter fits all Technivorm models.


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The gold toned coffee filter is constructed from stainless steel that has been enhanced with gold-colored plating. Gold tone coffee filters eliminate the need for paper filter replacement.

Another advantage of a gold coffee filter is flavor enhancement. Paper filters are designed to absorb much of the oil surrounding the ground and roasted coffee beans. While some oil absorption may eliminate bitterness, paper filters often remove too much of the coffee's complex flavors contained in that oil. A gold coffee filter allows more oils to remain in the finished coffee, giving it a richer and more intense flavor. The mesh of a gold coffee filter holds back unwanted coffee grounds like a paper filter, but some smaller grinds may be present in the finished product. The gold in a gold coffee filter does not impart any metallic taste to the brew.

A final advantage of a gold coffee filter is easier clean-up and maintenance. Paper coffee filters can be very messy to remove and discard, being filled with hot coffee grounds and oils. To empty a gold coffee filter, all one must do is pour out the contents and rinse thoroughly. Agold coffee filter can even be put in a standard dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning. Unlike a traditional paper filter, a gold filter holds all of the grounds securely during the brewing process. If a paper filter is not aligned precisely, the water and grounds may spill out of the top and into the holding well and carafe.


  • Made in the US
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • This #4 gold tone filter fits all Technivorm and Bonavita models.