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    Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder :: Black


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    The "Mini" is a Giant in both legendary status and quality, one of the many in a line of Mazzer grinders upheld as the gold standard in the specialty coffee industry.

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    Please don't be fooled - the "Mini" is a Giant in both legendary status and quality, one of the many in a line of Mazzer grinders upheld as the gold standard in the specialty coffee industry. This 250 watt flat burr grinder and doser, originally designed for commercial use, has an 'infinite' number of grind settings which allow for professional-level control in the home. The striking one-piece heavy die cast aluminum frame and body offers exceptional durability, while simultaneously helping the machine to stay quiet, containing noise from the motor and ultimately making it as pleasant on the ears as it is on the eyes.


    The Italians have long known that no matter the quality of your beans and your espresso machine, a poor grind will continually produce disappointing results. Since the 1950s Mazzer has been engineering and building grinders in their precision machine workshop in the outskirts of Venice, Italy. Here the art of espresso seeks perpetual innovation through serious equipment, knowing coffee can only be as good as the grind that goes into it. Like their larger commercial machines, the Mini uses superior construction and materials. The top quality 58mm burrs are made of easy-to-clean, long-lasting 100% Swedish hardened steel, which allow for an even distribution of grounds, minimal waste and better overall extraction.


    It's difficult to put a real value on a machine heralded by so many as "The Ultimate Home Grinder." Loved and respected by the aficionado and the specialty coffee shop alike for its attention to detail and ease of use as much as for its design, longevity and performance, we could go on and on about the Mini. For years the professional coffee community has been raving over every thoughtful detail - from the considerate "recommended starting point for 'normal' espresso" to the timer, which can be set for up to 60 seconds of continuous grinding. Discover why demand caused this commercial machine to come to the home. Not only will it quickly and dramatically improve the quality of your espresso, but you can look forward to lovingly honing your craft in the years to come.


    • Durable stainless steel ground tray
    • Short hopper (4") fits under kitchen cabinets
    • Hopper can be removed with beans still in it for ease in cleaning, transport, etc.
    • Built in Tamper
    • Dosing levels can be adjusted from 5.5g - 9g
    • Dosing hopper: 200 g
    • Bean hopper: 1.3 lb.
    • Blade speed: 1600 rpm
    • Motor output: 250 watts
    • Grinding burrs: 58 mm
    • Size dimensions: 6 1/4" wide x 13 1/4" deep x 16 1/2" tall
    • Weight: 22 lbs.
    • Color: Black


    • Solid Italian build. It's heavy!

    • Good price point for an entry level commercial-style espresso grinder.

    • Available in black or silver which is a nice complement to many espresso machine finishes.


    • Ground retention, which requires more frequent cleaning.

    • Doser requires manual operation and skill for consistency.

    • Tight adjustment dial, which requires a steady grip.