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    Slayer 1-Group Espresso Machine


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    Call for Summer special pricing and discounted customizations! The Slayer One Group is a professional in-home espresso machine with flavor profiling. Each unit entirely hand built in Seattle.

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    • 1 bag Lovejoy Espresso Blend
    • The Craft of Espresso Book
    • 13 month warranty


    Slayer Espresso has taken the best of existing technology and combined it with an ingenuitive pre-brew system to bring us a flavor profiling machine like no other.

    Using patented precision needle valve technology, the flow of water can be reduced to softly pre-infuse the coffee and allow it to bloom before extraction. Pre-brew can either be programmed in or manually controlled using the paddle actuator, giving the barista a great feel for every shot. The pre-brew function can also be used to ease off the water flow at the end of the extraction to provide yet another dimension to your espresso.

    The temperature, brew pump pressure and general settings are accessed via a glass touchscreen which also digitally displays both pre-brew and full-brew shot times. The machine houses a proprietary quiet gear pump and generously large dual boilers with accurate PID temperature control. The saturated brew group with a pre-heat coil delivers consistent temperatures to the group head and contains an auto-bleed function.

    Designed and handmade in Seattle, Slayer 1-Group espresso machines can be personalized to fit into any environment, or to stand out and make its presence known. The machines are direct-plumb only, and also require a drain line from the drip tray.

    A custom Slayer is the perfect way to add your personality to your kitchen or office. Call (800) 520-2890 for more details on creating a custom Slayer. Customizations start at $9500.


    • Glass touchscreen User Interface
    • Peruvian walnut actuators & handles
    • Glass touchscreen display
    • Automatic shot timers
    • Adjustable brew temperature
    • Shot mirror
    • Flavor profiling w/ various brew sequences
    • Variable flow rate w/ precision needle valve
    • Personalized steam pressure w/ PID & assorted tips
    • Temp adjustable in 0.1° increments (C or F)
    • Brew pressure gauge on front panel
    • Smooth-flow hot water tap
    • Slayer shot mirror
    • Non-slip feet
    • Direct plumb only
    • Download Slayer Manufacturer's Manual
      Included accessories: 58 mm bottomless portafilter with 20 gram double basket, blind basket for backflushing, 5 ft of braided steel water line, 3/8" , 5/8" vinyl drain line with adjustable hose clamp

    Dimensions and Specifications

    • Width: 18.1"
    • Depth: 24.3 "
    • Height: 15"
    • Weight: 100 pounds
    • Brew tank: 600 W
    • Steam tank: 1,300 W for 110 V; 2,000 W for 220 V
    • Coffee boiler capacity: 1.1 liters
    • Steam Boiler capacity: 3.3 liters
    • Machine will be set up for 110V power supply as standard. Please contact us if you require 220V instead.

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