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CleanCaf Coffee Maker Cleaner


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    Cleancaf Brand Cleaner and Descaler is an essential component to maintaining great tasting coffee at home.

    Cleancaf is designed to remove stale coffee oil residue from home coffee & espresso machines. Its dual action formula also prevents the accumulation of scale deposits which are responsible for slow brew times and machine malfunctions.

    Portion packaged for easy use, Cleancaf also contains a blue-dye which helps to insure proper rinsing. Included is three packets for 3 cleaning sessions. This will last 3 months or so for typical use.

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Dissolve contents of Cleancaf package in 4 cups of warm water. Pour into water reservoir. Put empty pot and filter basket in place. For espresso machines attach handle and place an empty container below.

    2. Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle. For espresso machines, also allow several ounces of Cleancaf solution to flow through steam pipe (into a container to avoid spray.) Discard entire solution once it has passed through your machine.

    3. Rinse all components and repeat steps 1 and 2 twice with clean water only. Espresso machines remove handle. You may soak handle and filters in Cleancaf solution then rinse all components with clean water.