Beaker & Flask :: Best Gin Based Drinks in PDX

Published by Mark
August 16, 2009 3:21 pm

Just opened – across the street from Clive Coffee, a new source for unproductive beverages and delightful small plates. Friendly people, large windows overlooking the river and skyline in the distance. Coudn’t ask for much more. The Dean’s Madness is a great drink of tequila or gin, muddled local blueberries, housemade tonic, and a squeeze of lime. The bartenders know their stuff, and they’ve put together a well curated selection of liquors, including lots of local booze made just up the street.  Check them out sometime.


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  • Written by: Jason

    I to have visited Beaker & Flask and can confirm that they know their stuff. Any place that can speak all the virtues of Ransom’s Old Tom gin is high on my list and their drinks will not disappoint.

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