Open Box Machines

Open Box Machines

Published by Mark
May 19, 2015 8:00 am

Occasionally customers return machines that weren’t quite what they were looking for. Usually this is done within the 30-day return period. We thoroughly check all returned machines to ensure they are in working order and are pleased to offer them for sale at a discounted price.

All our open box equipment is in perfect working order. Sometimes they haven’t even been used once. Some may have minor usage and perhaps a small scratch or dent. If you are considering purchasing an open box machine from us we will be happy to discuss the machine’s history and condition with you. We can provide specific photos too.

Warranty may be included, depending on the age and use of the machine. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. For example, a 30-day return machine would still have a warranty included while a heavily used, pre-loved machine may not. This is all taken into account when we determine the selling price of each individual machine.

If you are interested in an open box espresso machine, grinder or coffee maker please feel free to email us at or call 800-520-2890.

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  • Written by: linda marcov

    do you have any open box mocha master coffee makers?

  • Written by: Hayley McNabb

    Hi there, yes we do currently have one! Please call us on 800-520-2890 or email for details.

  • Written by: Jeff simmons

    Wondering whether you have any open box grinders available and what your shop hours are. Thanks.

  • Written by: Hayley McNabb

    Hi there! We currently have a Vario-W available as open box. Please call us for more details 800-520-2890.
    Our showroom is open from 12-6pm Tuesday through Friday and 11am-4pm on Saturdays. We hope to see you soon!

  • Written by: Arik

    Hi, do you have a Linea Mini or any Lucca open box machines?

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Arik,

    I don’t think the Linea will be one of those machines that ever gets returned, just too well executed of a product, and the demand is really high right now with it being pre-order status for so long. We only have a few left in stock. Which LUCCA machine are you interested? If you’d like to chat espresso sometime and compare products, give me a call at 503-765-5075.


  • Written by: Arik

    Hi Ben,

    thanks for your response. I recently purchased a Rocket R58 for my office and would like something that commercial-like finishing/quality. I love all of the e61 group machines that I have used, but I want something a bit nicer for home.

  • Written by: Mark Fortune

    Do you have an Alex Duetto 3.0 openbox machines. I have been looking at this machine since it first came out in 2013

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Mark, we do have an excellent open box Duetto 3 in the pipeline to be bench tested. If you’d like to be notified when it’s ready with pictures, feel free to call 503-765-5075 or email this is definitely one of those destination machines that won’t last long.

  • Written by: Bill Taylor

    Do you have any espresso grinders for sale as open box sale?

  • Written by: Eric

    Any open box Lucca M58’s that you need taken of your hands 🙂

  • Written by: Luis O

    Do you have any open box Quick mill units? thanks!

  • Written by: Doug

    do you have an open box Lucca a53 mini

  • Written by: Tiffany

    Hi! Wondering if you have any Rancilio Sylvia machines in your open box selection. Thanks!

  • Written by: Hayley McNabb

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the enquiries for open box machines! We have had such a great response that most of the machines have been snapped up already. We currently have a couple of La Spaziale Vivaldi II machines available.

    We should have some more open box machines ready to go in the next few weeks so please email us ( or call 800-520-2890 to find out more.

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Jeff,

    I have an open box Macap M4D in like new condition, it was only tested briefly before the customer exchanged.


  • Written by: Rod

    How about an Oracle? Got any of those?

  • Written by: William Smith

    Why not have a link where customers can see your returned, or open box machines for sale?

  • Written by: Victoria Gormley

    Hi William,

    We have considered posting our open box machines online, but we have such a quick turn over so it would be hard to keep it accurately updated on our site! We always have a list in our showroom that we keep updated, so feel free to check in by phone or email.

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