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January 27, 2016 2:23 pm

Here at Clive we’ve always had one big goal in mind: to connect coffee lovers to the right coffee gear for their lifestyle, budget, and kind of coffee they have in mind.

Clive started out as just a website in September 2008. The idea for a showroom arose from our local customers finding our office and warehouse address and walking in wanting to try out the equipment. You can only demonstrate an espresso machine on a shipping table so many times before you realize that you need a better retail format.

We launched our Portland showroom as a pop-up store in the fall of 2010. It was busy enough for us to keep expanding it, and eventually we settled in our current location on the banks of the Willamette River.

In 2015, we opened a permanent class space to accommodate the growing demand for our intimate, hands-on home barista classes.

This year, we’re changing up our hours and for the first time offering appointments for dedicated demonstration and coffee tastings.

We have always been a destination for coffee lovers of all kinds to try out coffee and espresso equipment in person. We have been known to host people for nearly 2 hours, pulling shots, steaming milk, and getting as hands-on as our customers desire.

With our desire to offer quality, brand-agnostic and un-pushy equipment advice (our staff is not paid on commission), as well as uninterrupted demonstrations, we are making these changes:

Monday thru Wednesday will be open for appointments only between 11am and 6pm. You can book an appointment on your phone or computer in about 90 seconds, and it means that we’ll be ready to show you the equipment you want to see, whether it’s the Slayer One Group espresso machine, new Oxo 9 cup coffee maker, or just a pour over demonstration on the Kalita Wave.

Thursday to Friday we’re opening earlier at 11am and closing at 6pm.

Saturday hours will remain 11am to 4pm (with home barista classes starting at 9am).

We appreciate your patience as we fine-tune this new format, and hope you find it helpful to be able to book focused and unhurried coffee equipment learning sessions with us!

Grab an appointment now by going to

Phone Hours
Monday – Friday || 9 – 6
Saturday || 11 – 4
Showroom Hours
Monday – Wednesday || by appointment
Thursday – Friday || 11 – 6
Saturday || 11 – 4

[email protected] | 800-520-2890 | @CliveCoffee

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