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Profitec Pro 300 First Review

Published by Ben Piff
January 14, 2016 10:47 pm


The Profitec Pro 300 is here! When we first tested this little gem of a machine last year, it became immediately obvious that it could bring a number of unique features and value to our lineup. This first review will highlight more in-depth testing, comparisons with single and dual boilers, and what we’re hearing from Pro 300 owners. But if you read no further than this paragraph, remember this: the Profitec Pro 300 is our most compact and competitively priced Italian dual boiler with beautiful German engineering and modern features that give similar performance to its $2700 big brother (the Pro 700), and this 20 amp model is by far the fastest to warm up (under ten minutes). Most modern kitchens have 20 amps available, just check your circuit breakers (the breakers in your kitchen will likely be labeled with either a 15 or 20) and give us a call if you have questions about this.

Comparing to single boilers like the Rancilio Silvia:

The Pro 300 directly addresses the biggest limitations of single boiler espresso machines like the Rancilio. First, single boilers require waiting for the machine to heat up to make steam power, and they need to be cooled down after steaming before another shot can be pulled. This is exacerbated by the lack of temperature control and information on many single boilers, which limit the ability to make consistent drinks. There’s simply no way to know what temperature you’re pulling your shot at, which means you may get more sour shots by the machine being under 200 degrees, or more bitter shots by the machine being above 200 degrees (when steaming, the machines have to heat up to around 250 degrees).

By contrast, in five to ten minutes the Profitec Pro 300’s PID display will show that the machine has reached your preset temperature (it will never forget its setting) and is ready to pull a shot, while the pressure gauge will show you when the steam boiler is ready to work. The 20 amp model has the convenient ability to heat both boilers at the same time. This is why the Pro 300 can warm up so quickly, and also why you’ll be able to steam bigger volumes of milk and make drinks immediately back to back without having to wait.


Comparing to dual boilers like the Breville Dual Boiler, Quick Mill QM67, Profitec Pro 700:

Many of our customers want to move beyond single boiler espresso machines, but want something longer lasting (and maintainable) than the Breville Dual Boiler ($1299), yet more compact and affordable than the beautiful e61 dual boilers like the Quick Mill QM67 ($1995) or Profitec Pro 700 ($2695).

The Pro 300 has been designed for simplicity, durability and performance. This means that its electronic and mechanical designs are more simple than the Breville, but that they will last considerably longer and can be maintained by the owner. The Breville Dual Boiler can only be maintained by Breville, and because they’re designed to combine performance with convenience and economy, it’s harder to know how long they’ll last.

Previously, moving into a dual boiler with Italian build quality meant a nearly $2000 investment such as the LUCCA A53 Mini or Quick Mill QM67. These are great machines, and the way they differ from the Pro 300 is more dramatic Italian styling, bigger steam boilers with more power, and the ability to make more drinks at a time. When we measure the temperature at the group head while pulling shots one minute apart, all these Italian machines are all able to stay within a degree of your target brew temperature. The advantage of the QM67’s e61 group head is mechanical preinfusion with every shot, and its 9 pound thermal mass is even more forgiving at maintaining brew temperature. The disadvantage of the QM67 is that it only has a 15 amp mode, weighs 10 pounds more, and is at least an inch bigger in width, depth and height. And because it needs to heat bigger boilers and an additional 9lb brass group head, you’re looking at a warm up time of 20 minutes.


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When Profitec released the Pro 700, it immediately stood out from everything else on the market with the cleanliness and order of its internals (and use of stainless steel). To fully appreciate this machine, you have to see the way it looks with its panels off. Whether people have worked on espresso machines or not, there’s something confidence-inspiring about seeing orderly wires, velcro wrapped insulation on a boiler, and beautifully made components. The Pro 300 continues this tradition, but its compact boilers, integrated group head and traditional pump mean that it can fit into a considerably smaller and lighter package (and save a whopping $1,000!). And because it shares identical commercial portafilters and PID with built-in shot timer, the Pro 300 and Pro 700 can be set to the same brew temperature and share very similar flavors in the cup. You will be able to maintain this machine for many years to come, and we’ll be here to help with photos, email coaching (if you want to learn how), or servicing at our Portland showroom.

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  • Written by: Kevin King

    I’m interested in buying the Profitec 300. I noticed on Whole Latte Love their using a 15 APP machine??
    My wife and I just drink black coffee. We presently just have a drip Bunn coffee maker. But we did have a singlw boiler model from Starbuck that died after 15 years. But it’s not a E61 brew head. We very seldom used the steam wand, so for the Profitec 300 I think it will be perfect for our small galley kitchen at home. We’ll spend the money for a good expresso grinder. I’m looking at the Ceado E37E, but open to your recomendations too.

    Thank You
    Kevin & Patti King
    Hot Springs, AR 71913

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Kevin and Patti!

    The Pro 300 is a major step up from the small Saeco machines that Starbucks has sold. The commercial portafilter holds significantly more coffee, and having a computer controlled boiler will let you fine tune the brewing and get much more consistent espresso. If you ever don’t want to use the steam wand, you have the option of turning off the steam boiler. But if you do want to steam, the 20 amp mode that we carry gives the fastest possible warmup time and lets the machine have a lot more punch when steaming milk and pulling shots. In 15 amp mode, machines aren’t able to reheat both boilers at the same time so the steam power can’t regenerate until the brewing boiler reheats. Many kitchens now have 20 amp circuits available, and feel free to give us a call if you’d like to chat more about this as well as the grinders. We have an excellent assortment to serve homes all the way up to top commercial quality (and we want to find the right balance of performance, size and value for each customer). We answer phones from 9am-6pm Pacific, and look forward to chatting with you.

    Best regards,

  • Written by: Dustin Holloway

    Is the profitec pro 300 actually available? Everywhere I look it is out of stock.

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Dustin,

    The Pro 300 has been an extremely popular machine, and our next batch of the 20 amp mode machines is currently being built. We should hear confirmation of their completion near the end of the month, and then we’ll be coordinating shipping by air freight (which then takes about a week to get to Portland). Feel free to give us a call if you’d like to chat espresso and compare features.


  • Written by: Phil

    Hi Ben. When I talked to one of your colleagues he told me that you were only going to be selling the 15 amp version from now on. Is this cause for hesitation on my part, per your comments here about the 15 amp version not being able “TO REHEAT BOTH BOILERS AT THE SAME TIME SO THE STEAM POWER CAN’T REGENERATE UNTIL THE BREWING BOILER REHEATS. ”

    I’m very interested in the Pro 300, but don’t want this to be an issue when I’m trying to steam milk and pull shots – one of the main reasons for going with a dual boiler machine.

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Phil!

    I’ll be writing a personal email to everyone who has pre-ordered a Pro 300 to explain that Profitec has been able to maintain simultaneous boiler heating while also lowering the total wattage. This should make the machine even more durable, and only affects the warmup time by a couple minutes. We’ll verify this with bench testing as soon as the machines arrive, and always airing on the safe side to make sure customers will be satisfied with their purchase.

    Best regards,

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