Baratza Sette 270 Coffee Grinder

Get ready to meet the Baratza Sette 270 and 270W

Published by Ben Piff
April 7, 2016 10:29 pm

Baratza Sette 270 Coffee Grinder


Have you heard the latest news from Seattle? Well, I know some you have because I’m already getting excited calls, emails, and pre-order requests about the upcoming Baratza Sette 270 and 270W conical grinders. Here at Clive we were excited to be early testers of this design last year, and we’re now testing the fully-sorted production Sette 270. We simply cannot wait to see how these grinders are received at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCCA) 2016 show in Atlanta!


The 270 and 270W are likely to be THE names to remember for newcomers to the espresso world, as they are the replacements for the iconic Virtuoso Preciso. Oh and don’t worry, flexibility for different brew methods has certainly not been forgotten in pursuit of better in-the-cup performance and the ability to weigh the dose in real time. It’s a true all-purpose grinder, easily switchable even to French press and pourover. The Sette includes an adjustable portafilter holder and grounds bin, and can also grind directly into most of the popular brewing devices (Hario, Clever, Able Kone, Aeropress). Also, the macro and micro adjustments are directly connected to the outer burr, which will create a more instant and intuitive change. I find the grind adjustment to have great feel and be very intuitive. It’s clear that the micro adjustment was at the center of the design from the beginning, and it will pay dividends in a faster learning curve. Efficiency is also significantly improved, with estimated grinding times for espresso at 3.5 g/sec and manual brew at 5.5 g/sec. But my first tests of the production Sette 270 for espresso were even faster than that. A 19 gram double shot in 5 seconds flat! Setting the grind timer is fast and easy, a real treat to use. This pleasure is further heightened by the hilarious speed of the thing. I found myself thinking, “No way, did it really just single dose in less than six seconds? Wait, less than five and a half seconds?” The grounds are super fluffy and kept overflowing the basket until I set it at five.


We love the drop through burr layout for its cleanliness (noticeably lower static), efficiency and low grind retention. The build quality of the pre-production Sette was super impressive, and the finished product is even better. It feels like the design will be very easy to service, and the new technology will offer a lot more information about the lifetime weight of coffee ground (helpful for maintenance planning). The prototype that we tested was not setup for espresso, but this week we’ve just started pulling shots with the production Sette. It will be very interesting to compare shots between the new Etzinger conical burrs and the Vario and Forte’s ceramic flat burrs, as well as how Acaia’s smart scale expertise affects the accuracy and repeatability of the dose. So far, our Lovejoy blend has a more pronounced acidity in the Sette than it does in the Forte. The differences in the cup are immediately very noticeable, but I need to pull more shots and experiment with different coffees and brew ratios so that I can better describe the strengths of each.
We’ll be in Atlanta checking out these grinders next week, so keep an eye on this blog for more details or email [email protected] with questions. We’ll soon be offering pre-orders, with Baratza advising an estimated ship date of June  of this year. The Sette 270 will be priced at $379, and the 270W will be $499.

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  • Written by: BirdLives

    Looks like a great grinder. Will there be a write-up on how it compares the vario once it becomes available? Looking to upgrade my all purpose grinder and am curious how the 270 matches up. Thanks

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hey there!

    I actually just started testing a Sette 270, and will be comparing directly to the Vario and Forte AP. Feel free to email [email protected] soon, and I should have some more data to share (I’ll also be posting about it on the blog eventually). First results are definitely impressive though! I’m grinding a 19 gram double shot in about 5 seconds, which I don’t think exists in another grinder under $1000.


  • Written by: jim

    Very interested in the grind consistency and lack of fines at medium and coarse settings. Thanks.

  • Written by: Bill Osborne

    What are the differences between the 270 and 270W? Looking forward to how it matches up against the Forte.

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Bill, the 270W has realtime weighing, where the 270 can only grind manually or by time. What kind of grinder have you been using? I think for most people the Forte will still be the commercial destination upgrade, but the Sette is going to be the starter grinder that a lot of people will never want to switch away from. Flat burrs will favor certain palates (more traditional espresso flavors), while the conicals will favor those that like brighter, more nuanced shots. Feel free to call or email us any time if you’d like to chat grinders, I find phone to be easiest 🙂


  • Written by: Barry Eisenstat

    Why the switch to steel from ceramic for the burrs from the vario to the settle?

  • Written by: Spencer

    This is amazing. It’s a good thing I held off on the Fiorenzato. I’ve emailed Baratza but maybe you’d know Ben, does the Sette have the same adjustment mechanism as the older Vario’s? My current Vario still has ‘travel’ issues/grind inconsistencies after changing the grind setting (even after servicing by Baratza). Does the Sette use a more reliable mechanism?

  • Written by: Pablo

    These look nice but is this going to be another case of paying in full then waiting 2 years to get one? Love my Ratio coffee maker but that was a crazy long wait….over 2 years.

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for writing! First off, no one will be charged for a Sette until the grinders are ready to ship. Baratza has a lot of experience selling large volumes of grinders, so I’m sure they’re ramping up production as much as possible to satisfy the huge demand. But there are a number of factors which are outside of our control, so we’ll have to wait and see how many we receive. Are you looking to brew only for the Ratio, or switch between brew methods?


  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Spencer,

    The Sette is a radical departure in grind mechanism, burr and adjustment from the Vario. It doesn’t seem like wandering would be physically possible (but this issue has also gone away with the newer Vario grinders), and the adjustments are instant. In our testing so far, it’s very intuitive and extremely reliable, and looks built for easy maintenance as well. Keep the questions coming!


  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Barry,

    The Sette’s conical burrs are very different from the Vario’s flat burrs, and I’m sure there are a number of factors that went into this decision (I’ll try to find out more about this). For example, whether ceramic coating would have improved the performance for all brew methods, and whether the cost of that coating would be been worthwhile. All the bigger commercial conical grinders use stainless steel, and with the amazing grind speed of the Sette I think it probably is less necessary to have the ceramic coating.

    Thanks for writing!

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Jim,

    Which kind of brewing do you mostly do? We’d be happy to do some comparison experiments for that method. So far we’ve done a lot of espresso with it, and a fair bit on the coarse side for our Ratio brewer. Delicious, delicious, delicious, and extremely consistent.

    Keep the questions coming, thanks!

  • Written by: Rich

    Do you still think these will start shipping in June? Is there an actual date yet?

  • Written by: Ben Piff

    Hi Rich,

    We haven’t received a more detailed date of when we’ll receive our first batch of Sette grinders, but Baratza’s site estimates July availability which means they might be shipping later this month. They’ll definitely be worth the wait!

    Chat soon,
    Ben Piff

  • Written by: Spencer

    I am so done with questions and just want this already! Take my money! Seriously though, when is it due out? Any chance it slips past June?

  • Written by: emi

    hi, i am planning to buy 270W . but just wondering that why so important to grind “time” which is like sette270?? I thought weight is the most important thing to make espresso…….or even another drip or something. usually what grams use for the espresso or drip coffee, you know? so I don’t know why so important scale time for grinding. could you explain that for me please.

  • Written by: Hans Rohne

    Hey Guys:). Did the Sette come in and how have you liked it?

  • Written by: Mark

    Hey Hans! Yes, we have shipped two batches of Settes now and are expecting our next batch first week of December. We are posting some more details shortly!

  • Written by: Mark

    Hi Emi,
    Grinding by weight is definitely more accurate and the preferred way to do it! See our recent post on scales here:

    The 270 grinds reasonably accurate with the timer function, but it’s important to have a consistent amount of beans in the hopper as a full hopper will force the beans into the burr assembly a little faster. If you don’t want to spring for the extra cost for the 270W, but still want to get the accuracy of grinding by weight, just try single dosing on the 270 since it retains such a tiny amount of ground coffee (almost none!).

    Hope that helps!

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