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Introducing Behmor (Be – more) Connected

Published by Karen Hellweg
April 27, 2016 3:26 pm

When I first tested the Behmor Connected coffee brewer, I wasn’t sure how it would stack up against some of our well-proven and loved brewers. Its styling and shape are distinctive, with a 1.2 liter stainless steel water reservoir placed directly above a reusable metal flat-bottom filter basket, flowing into a double walled thermal carafe. When you see the brew process happen, the vertical layout makes sense. But what’s all this talk about brewing via your smart phone?

I had to test this feature for myself of course, and found the app right away. I downloaded it, enabled wifi on my iPhone (also compatible with Android), connected to the brewer, and plugged in the brew parameters I wanted. What I like about the Behmor Connected is that it is not only a straightforward design that you can activate easily while still laying in bed, but it also has unique controls typically only possible in a traditional manual pourover, that allow you to create a perfect brew every time. In the Behmor app, you can program bloom time (pre-soaking the coffee grounds) in five second increments, adjust the number of cups of coffee (many brewers are optimized for full batch only), the roast type you are using and freshness of the beans. The brew temperature control is also very accurate and programmable within a degree so you can experiment and extract the flavors you like from your favorite beans. This functionality will be especially helpful for people that like to try different coffees and enjoy precise control. I tried out a fresh lighter roast so I was able to select these and it automatically adjusted the temperature to 203 degrees accordingly (some lighter roasts are optimized with a hotter temperature). For those that don’t want to experiment, you can also leave the brewer at its factory setting and enjoy perfectly consistent coffee. You may wonder if the Behmor is ONLY activated through an app (and thus limited to the tech savvy). I am happy to say it also has the option to press an actual button (regardless of whether you are connected to a phone), which will brew at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standard. When using our Roseline Latin American coffees I found the Behmor’s default settings to create the best flavor in our recent brewer comparison.

So are there any downsides?

Although you do not have to be tech savvy to operate this brewer, I found using the app and connecting for the first time a bit challenging. Once I successfully navigated through it, I was more than pleased with the process and would definitely say it’s worth the effort. The height of the brewer can be a limitation because the layout makes the Behmor a few inches taller than others such as the Bonavita, yet at 15.25” tall it should fit under most cabinets. Brew time is another consideration. When making a full pot of coffee it takes just under 12 minutes (although, you can start the brew while still lying in bed, love it). The brewer actually heats the water to the proper temperature in the stainless steel reservoir before brewing, which improves temperature consistency. Next, the coffee brews within four and half minutes, which is within the SCAA standard. Lastly, the app sends you a notification to let you know when it is ready.
Overall, I found the Behmor’s technology offers a number of great features, giving it unique flexibility for different beans, and the flavor is phenomenal straight out of the box. Keep a look out for the most current updates on the app, as they will offer further programmable options. I’m excited to test this brewer with more coffees, and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call!

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