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Barista Class

Take your home barista skills to a new level with this hands-on class.


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  • February 28th - FULL
  • March 7th, 9-11am
  • March 14th, 9-11am
  • March 21st, 9-11am
  • March 28th, 9-11am


Home Barista Class

This two hour class will cover the very basics of pulling espresso and milk steaming. You will be taught how to effectively dial in your grind, as well as how to dose and tamp correctly so you can learn to pull great shots at home. In addition, milk steaming and machine maintenance will be lightly touched upon. The goal at the end of class will be for everyone to create an amazing latte! This is a very hands on class, so come prepared to get your hands dirty and your head buzzing in pursuit of great espresso! Class size is limited to 2 to 4 people to ensure a great experience. If you have a group of 4 or more, you can email us at to schedule a class.


24 hour advance cancellation required for a refund. Our classes are designed around 4 people, so it's important that we have enough time to fill the empty slot with another person. Thanks for understanding.


The Craft of Espresso :: A Guide for Home ($12 value)