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    Bonavita Coffee Maker :: Glass BV1800


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    Simple, affordable, and good control of temperature means great coffee out of the Bonavita coffee maker.

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    We are pleased to announce a new option for automated brewing at home! For a while now we've only sold the Technivorm coffee maker, known for its unsurpassed ability to control temperature and brew time - two factors that have a huge impact on the quality of brewed coffee.

    The Bonavita Automatic Coffee Maker offers a similar proposition - a high wattage heating element that gets the water to around 200 degrees and finishes the brew cycle within 6 minutes. There are only a few coffee makers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and now there is an affordably priced option.

    The glass server is an elegant compliment to the brewer, and this model includes a warmer at the base. The showerhead is designed to completely saturate the ground coffee without requiring stirring, and vents on top of the filter basket lid prevent condensation from dripping into the brewed coffee.

    Most coffee makers do not get hot enough during the brew cycle, but the Bonavita demonstrated brewing temps in the filter basket of 200-204 degrees, and just a touch hotter at the showerhead.

    Compare Bonavita to the Technivorm

    Bonavita Coffee Maker Overview


    • Designed for precise water and coffee contact time
    • High quality brushed stainless steel finish
    • 1400 watt heating element maintains ideal brewing temperatures of 195-205 degrees
    • Brews 8 cups (40 oz) in 5-6 minutes
    • Warmer at base keeping coffee warm for 2-hours
    • 2 year warranty by Bonavita

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