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It should not be surprising that one of our favorite coffees hails from the birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia.

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    It should not be surprising that one of our favorite coffees hails from the birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia. Incredible floral aromas of hibiscus and flavors of ripe plum, jasmine, honeysuckle, fig, and Meyer lemon make this a rare treat. We brew our Yirgacheffe in a French press to maximize the intoxicating bouquet and drink it black. It simply doesn't need any doctoring.


    Ethiopians know their coffee - they've been drinking it longer than anyone else on earth. A lot of coffee producing regions are filled with people who don't drink their own product, but that is not the case in Ethiopia. More than 50% of the entire coffee crop each year is consumed within the country.

    Ethiopia is the birthplace of all Arabica coffee. Most of the coffee that we drink today is descended from two heirloom varietals, Bourbon and Typica. Most historians agree that these two coffees were stolen from Ethiopia and taken to Yemen before being exported around the world about 500 years ago.

    Wild coffee trees still grow in the forests of southern and southwestern Ethiopia, with thousands of distinct cultivars that have descended from the original Bourbon and Typica varieties. Agronomists from around the world travel to Ethiopia as a source for breeding of coffee plants.

    The coffee growing area of Ethiopia is large, covering a swath of the southern part of the country. The most recognized regions are Harrar in the east and Sidamo in the south. Though they are in the same country, the coffees they produce are quite different.

    Harrar is naturally processed, possessing acidic and fermented flavors. Some call it "winey" coffee. Middle Eastern coffee drinkers prefer Harrar, and sometimes even doctor it up with spices.

    Sidamo, on the southen side, produces washed coffees, with delicate floral aromas and innate sweetness. Our Ethiopian coffee comes from Yirgacheffe, a valley in Sidamo with lush, sloping hills that produce very fine coffees. Yirgacheffe coffee has been highly desired since cultivation began after World War II. We think you'll be equally desirous of your next cup after trying this delicious coffee.


    • Net weight: 12 ounces
    • Whole bean only.
    • For best results, grind immediately before brewing and use within 7-10 days of opening