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    MACAP M4 Stepless Adjustment Espresso Grinder :: Black


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    All the quality of the most sought-after Mini Mazzer, with a few added bonuses.

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    The MACAP M4 Stepless Espresso Grinder has all the quality of the most sought-after Mini Mazzer, with a few added bonuses.

    Its worm gear-driven stepless adjustment makes it one of the best stepless adjustable grinders on the market today. The worm gear makes it simple to make even a minute adjustment, and the best part is that you can do it with either hand.

    Its black body coordinates nicely with stainless espresso machines such as Quick Mill and Izzo.

    The doser mechanism operates very smoothly and does as good a job of completely emptying grounds as any grinder on the market today -- in fact, much better than most.

    It's only 17" tall and will fit under most kitchen cabinets.

    Warranty: One year parts and labor provided by Chris' Coffee Service, Inc.


    • Dimensions: 17" Tall x 7 1/2" Wide x 12 1/4" Deep
    • Available in Chrome or Black
    • Worm Gear-Driven Stepless Adjustment
    • Extremely Low Blade Speed (1600 rpm) at 60 HZ
    • Motor Output 250 watt
    • Grinding Burrs 58 mm
    • Gross Weight 22 lbs.
    • Dosing Hopper 200 g
    • Bean Hopper 1.3 lb.
    • Dosing Levels can be Adjusted from 5.5g - 9g
    • 110 Volt


    • Solid Italian build. You can feel the heft.

    • Step-less worm gear adjustment, which is precise and adjusts with ease.


    • Ground retention, which requires more frequent cleaning.

    • Doser requires manual operation and skill for consistency.

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