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    Quick Mill Dual Boiler QM67 Evo Espresso Machine


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    QM67 pairs a double boiler design with the professional-quality E-61 grouphead.

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    Quick Mill's new QM67 Evo is a compact, dual boiler espresso machine with classic lines, a high-sheen stainless steel exterior and the premium features you'll find on much more expensive Italian machines. With its dual copper, PID controlled boilers (now with built-in shot timer), commercial caliber E-61 group head, super-quiet Ulka 52-watt vibratory pump, you have all the power and precision necessary to make cafe quality espresso while steaming velvety microfoam for your cappuccinos and lattes.

    With dual PID controlled boilers, you'll have precise control over the temperature of the brew and steam boilers for consistent shots and milk. As a home barista, this means you can experiment with brewing temperatures on the fly (to find your favorite flavors of each coffee). Once you've found your perfect shot, the PID will maintain your setting within a degree and the E-61 group head will provide phenomenal temperature stability from shot to shot. Combine it with our optional custom wood upgrades, the Clive bottomless portafilter and 58mm tamper for a fully customized experience. Read our detailed review

    Features at a Glance

    Espresso Boiler

    Double Boiler:

    When paired with a PID, isolated boilers provide superior temperature precision and predictability.

    PID Controller

    PID Control:

    A closed loop temperature controler gives the user remakable control over espresso extraction and steam.

    E61 Group

    E61 Brew Group:

    A tactile method of espresso extraction that allows manual control over shot extraction.

    QM67 Measurement


    • New PID with shot timer on Evo version
    • Swivel stainless steel steam arm with two hole steam tip
    • Two 58 mm portafilters: one single and one double
    • E-61 commercial group
    • PID controller with 1.0 degree adjustment
    • Vibratory pump
    • For downloadable product manual, click here.
    • Two-year parts and labor provided by the United States importer and Clive Coffee.

    NOTE: ALL Quick Mill espresso machines are now being made with T.E.A coated boilers. This patented protection process drastically decreases the possibility of metal in the drinks delivered. The brass components are also manufactured with low lead.

    Dimensions and Specifications

    • Width: 11"
    • Depth: 17.75"
    • Height: 16.5"
    • Weight: 50 lbs.
    • Steam boiler: 1.0 L / 1200 Watts
    • Group boiler: 0.8L / 800 Watts
    • Water reservoir: 3L
    • 110 volt
    • 15 Amp only
    • Water reservoir only


    • Dual boiler

      Dedicated boilers for steam and espresso mean that recovery time is rapid and temperature stability is excellent.

    • Dual PID

      You can precisely and easily control the temperature in both the group and steam boiler.

    • E61 group head

      Constructed of 9 pounds of solid brass, the E61 retains heat impeccably.


    • Heating time

      Since the QM67 is so solidly built, you need to give it at least 20 minutes of warm up time before making drinks.

    • Vibratory pump

      Some people find vibratory pumps to be quite noisy, but it's significantly quieter than a grinder.

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