Sowden Oskar SoftBrew Coffee Maker :: 4 Cup


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The Sowden SoftBrew is a simple, elegant method for brewing excellent coffee.

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    Using hi-tech photo-etching technology, Sowden has developed a micro-thin filter with more than half a million microscopic holes giving outstanding filtering ability and making it possible to produce what they call SoftBrew Coffee. Put your preferred amount of ground coffee into the filter and pour in hot water, just off the boil. Let it brew for four to eight minutes and your coffee is ready. It is that simple. Nothing to worry about except the hot water.

    Sowden has followed a principle of reducing things to a minimum in order to make coffee brewing the simple treat it is supposed to be and bringing out the natural flavour of coffee. The new Sowden SoftBrew filter is definitely an easy way of brewing an excellent cup of natural coffee.


    • Do not microwave.
    • Jug, filter, & cover are dishwasher safe.
    • Capacity: 27 oz (.5L)
    • Dimensions: 5.7" L x 4.2" W x 7.5" H