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    Yama Vacuum Brewer


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    Amaze your friends with this gorgeous syphon brewer!

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    Amaze your friends with this gorgeous vacuum brewer! It looks like it belongs in an apothecary. It makes delicious, rich coffee with the whole range of good oils that give fresh coffee its depth.

    Here's a recent review from the Chicago Tribune:
    "Invented in France in the 1840s, this method was favored in early 20th Century America but got muscled out by automatic drip. With the renewed interest in fine coffee brewing, the vacuum has made a comeback. The device consists of a glass coffeepot and an upper glass chamber connected by a siphon tube. Water is placed in the lower coffeepot while ground coffee goes in the top chamber, fitted with a cloth filter. When the water heats to a boil on a stove, it travels up through the tube into the top chamber to mix with the coffee grounds. When the device is removed from the heat source, coffee is pulled back down through the filter into the pot, finishing with a gurgly flourish. It creates not just a complex pot of java but also a fun show. Good for those who want to retain richness from coffee oils, have the patience to carefully monitor their coffeepot, and enjoy a good spectacle."

    The Yama Tabletop Vacuum brewer produces 20 ounces of coffee. You will usually want to use a slightly finer grind than normal auto drip, but the Yama is very forgiving for almost any grind type.

    As the water starts to boil it will rise to the top portion, where it meets the ground coffee. Let it brew here for a minute or so and then remove the heat source. Once you remove the heat source, the kickdown takes about 30 seconds. Make sure you gather your friends for the show.

    • Holds 20 ounces (approx 2-3 cups)
    • Includes: one filter cloth, the filter assembly, a measuring spoon, lid/stand, butane burner, and instructions.
    • Includes a 6 month warranty.
    • Height: 14 inches
    • Weight: 3 lbs

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